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Should I Report Salary Received From Previous to My Current Employer?

Salary taxation is what effect majority of tax payers.When you quit a job and joined another employer during the same year, there comes in question whether the salary received from previous employer be reported to current employer or you can afford to account for those salaries directly in the return of income yourself. 

Know About CTC and Your Salary Breakup

Whether you are joining your first job or changing jobs, it is important to understand the difference between Cost To Company (CTC) and take home salary. It will help you in better negotiation with the HR and structuring of the salary.

How to Check Income Tax Refund Status Online

You have filed your Income Tax Returns for the year and are eagerly awaiting your refund. Very often this wait could get quite painful. Weeks pass by, and tax payers are seldom aware of the status of their ITR, and as to when their refund would be sent to them. To solve such concerns, the Income Tax Department has introduced online availability of information regarding one’s tax refund. With the click of a mouse, you could now check the status of your income tax refund online. It is a quick, easy and safe way to know the status.

Know About Your Form 16

By now most salaried employees must have received their Form 16 from their employers. Now it’s time to file the return. Though we know that Form 16 is for tax filing but many of us still find it hard to understand the components of Form 16 while filing the return. Understanding Form 16 is the key to a better tax planning.

Know About Your PAN Card

Whether you are an Indian citizen or an NRI, if you are filing taxes or have financial transactions in India you will almost always need a PAN card.

Income Exempted in Income Tax Act (Section 10)

Section 10 of income tax act defines that some income are exempted from income tax means there is no income tax on these income. Some of these income are fully exempted from income tax and some are some exemption limit. Like agriculture income is fully exempted from income tax whereas minor income clubbed with individual has the exemption limit of 1500. So it is  necessary to remember all these exemptions before calculating somebody income tax. So I am presenting a full view of section 10 of income tax act with all the exemptions and exemptions limit of section 10.

5 Tips From Warren Buffett

Want to make investment decisions that lead to wealth in the long term? That’s just what billionaire Warren Buffett has been doing for years. Whether you have Rs. 5 or Rs.50 million, Buffett’s wisdom will ring true as you work to make the best choices for your situation.
From the master himself, five tips you can take to the bank....

Lessons From Warren Buffet

CNBC held a one hour interview with Warren Buffet, the richest man in the world today who has donated up to $31 billions to social activities. Let’s look into some interesting aspects of his way of life revealed in that interview